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Unity Engine - Set Actor Mixer Effect to achieve varying delay time

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Hi peoples!


I am trying to insert a delay effect dynamically into the relevant Actor Mixer because depending on the level we need a varying delay time (we found no way of automating that through RTPC).

I've found the following method in the documentation which seems to be the method I need:

In the Duration callback info I recieve a nodeID which is necessary, but when I try to set the effect nothing happens.
No delay is audible, we've added an RTPC to the ShareSet and it doesn't show up in the profiler so it seems the effect is never added.

Here is the code snippet that handles the logic that should work for as far as I've interpreted the documentation.

protected virtual void AudioEventCallback(object in_cookie, AkCallbackType in_type, AkCallbackInfo in_info) {
        switch (in_type) {
            case AkCallbackType.AK_Duration:
                AkDurationCallbackInfo info = in_info as AkDurationCallbackInfo;
                var returnValue = AkSoundEngine.GetIDFromString("TowerDelay");
                var result = AkSoundEngine.SetActorMixerEffect(info.audioNodeID, 0, returnValue);
                throw new NotImplementedException("Callback not implemented for type " + in_type.ToString());

Any pointers to the right solution would be great!



asked Aug 11, 2020 in General Discussion by Ruben B. (100 points)

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