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Why does all audio from Wwise crackle on my Mac?

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Hi, I've been taking the course, and just putting up with it, but now that I'm in 201 I need to get a real solve.

After player audio for about a minute, I start to hear a crackle. The crackle then gets worse over time. I quit wwise and relaunch and it improves but the process start again.

Say I open a youtube video and play, this crackle is not present, and appears to be exclusive to Wwise.

I am running Wwise on a Mac, using a Focusrite 18i20 interface.

My sample rate is set to 48khz.

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled.

Is this simply a CPU overload issue? And if so, is there a setting I can adjust to reduce the CPU load of Wwise, at least for the time being?
asked Aug 19, 2020 in General Discussion by Paul Jordan T. (140 points)

1 Answer

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Think I found an answer to my own question, thought I'd post if anyone had a similar problem.
Firstly you have to reset your computer after changing the sample rates in Audio Midi Set Up, which I was already doing before, easy to miss tho.

Secondly, I had an app installed called EpocCam, which turns your phone into a webcam for your computer. I made sure every audio device was set to 48khz (Make sure its in's and out's) but EpocCam is not able to be set to anything but 44.1khz. I uninstalled EpocCam properly, double checked my sample rates were all set to 48hkz, and restarted my Mac.

So far it seems to have fixed the issue!
answered Aug 24, 2020 by Paul Jordan T. (140 points)