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ue4 Random crash when post event ( wwise 2019.2.5 ) , More than a dozen engine crashes a day

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> SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkSrcFileVorbis::GetNextPacket() Line 692 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkSrcFileVorbis::GetBuffer(AkVPLState & io_state) Line 64 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkVPLSrcCbxNode::GetOneSourceBuffer(AkVPLState & io_state) Line 534 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkVPLSrcCbxNode::GetBuffer(AkVPLState & io_state) Line 592 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkLEngine::RunVPL(CAkVPLSrcCbxNode * in_pCbx, AkVPLState & io_state) Line 2176 C++

  [Inline Frame] SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkLEngine::ProcessOneSource(CAkVPLSrcCbxNode * pCbx) Line 2602 C++

  [Inline Frame] SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkLEngine::ProcessSources(bool) Line 2562 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkLEngine::SoftwarePerform() Line 2274 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkLEngine::Perform() Line 836 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkAudioMgr::Perform() Line 576 C++

  SoulClient-Win64-Test.exe!CAkAudioThread::EventMgrThreadFunc(void * lpParameter) Line 74 C++

  kernel32.dll!00007ffb45c47bd4() Unknown

  ntdll.dll!00007ffb4734ce51() Unknown
asked Sep 6, 2020 in General Discussion by qcy Q. (160 points)
I am also seeing this, it looks like it happens when we exit the game.  We are also on 2019.2.5

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