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Wwise-251 Lesson Project files: I am unable to locate files from WAG download in Wwise Launcher.

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I have begun 'Wwise-251: Performance Optimization & Mobile Considerations', successfully moving through 'Installation of Wise' including licencing and have completed 'Lesson 1: Understanding Resource Usage'.

Lesson 2 and each further lesson in Wwise-251, prerequisites:

Before commencing this lesson, please open:

  • WAG Wwise Project - Lesson 2
    Location: Wwise Adventure Game > Wwise-251 > Lesson_02_WwiseAdventureGame

Such a project file does not exist in the ..\Audiokinetic\Wwise Adventure Game 2019.2.0.7216 directory.
I installed from Wwise Launcher > Samples (Tab) > Wwise Adventure Game
Am I not looking in the correct place? 
Am I able to obtain these lesson project files from elsewhere?
Thanks in advance.
asked Sep 15 in General Discussion by Chris J. (140 points)

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Hey Chris, 

Did you download and add these files in your Wwise Adventure Game directory? 

Also, I see that you downloaded WAG 2019.2.0. That version is newer than the courses, so you should download Wwise 2019.1.4 along with WAG 2019.1.4 if you'd like the course documentation to be accurate to your installed versions. 

Let me know if this helps

answered Sep 15 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (5,980 points)
selected Sep 21 by Chris J.
Thanks very much for this. I had clearly not been as thorough as originally thought in following the instructions.

I've now correctly downloaded and located the project files as well as opening them with Wwise 2019.1.4.

My eagerness to progress with the course got in my way a bit here. Back on track now though.

Thanks again