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Kill off stingers when switching to certain states

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Hello there,

I've set up the music system for our first level in our shooter game. 
Basically the set up is comprised of three percussive beds that change according to certain areas of the map. To have the music be as dynamic as possible I've assigned about 15 stingers to those three phases that are triggered according to the players actions. Some of the stingers are up to one minute long. So when switching between the phases 1-3 (percussive beds), that's not a problem when the stingers "bleed" over to the other phase.
Now when switching to other states (like an action, alert, menu etc.) the stingers of course are still being played to the end in the background too. The problem is, when switching to the menu for instance, it's a whole different composition. So when in the background the stinger is still being played to the end, it sounds like a mess.
My question is: How is it possible to kill off (fade out) stingers, when switching to certain states (like menu, dead, alert, action etc.)?

I've tried to do it with stop events and set the fade out time to 1-2 seconds but that doesn't seem to work, as the stingers are still not being killed. 

I've made a little video about this too, to explain it.

Thank you very much for your help in advance,

asked Oct 11 in General Discussion by Yannick Z. (140 points)
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Hi there,

After switching to the new state,

you can use a music event cue to send an event with a stop action to shut down the stinger that is playing by adding a Music Event Cue where the new music starts.

For the stinger closing process,

you can include a fadeout of appropriate length as needed.

Hope this helps.
answered 3 days ago by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic) (3,610 points)
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thanks so much for this! I think we're getting close. As a test I've added a stop music event cue to the alert transition piece, so when you switch the state from phase_1 to alert, it should kill off the stinger when it transitions.
As a test I wanted to kill off "stinger_intense_1" but still that stinger keeps playing when switching to alert:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated,
Hi there,
I tested by myself and found a solution:
You can create a Music Segment containing MIDI Clip with a single MIDI note as a Stinger
(to play your stinger in actor-mixer hierarchy),
so that their playing time can be scheduled by an interactive music system.
Then move the music content you want to play from the interactive music hierarchy to the actor-mixer hierarchy.
There are two advantages to this:
1, the pitch of the audio content triggered by the stinger does not change with the speed of your music when the playback speed changes,
which is important for music that uses midi technology;
2, you can now use the stop event to unmistakably stop a stinger that is already playing!

Hope it helped.