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AkSoundEngine.GetSourcePlayPosition() frequently reports a sample position less than in the previous frame?

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We've recently had a problem where AkSoundEngine.GetSourcePlayPosition frequently reports a source position that is less than the previous frame when "in_bExtrapolate" is true. This causes issues with how we synchronize gameplay elements because if we're monitoring the source position and it gives a source position less than our previously recorded one, various systems in our game will fire twice or "rewind" to a previous segment in our game's timelines.

When in_bExtrapolate is false, AkSoundEngine.GetSourcePlayPosition never reports a position less than the previous frame (but now it reports source positions that are frequently the same as the previous frame).


Our test code:

private int _prevSample;
private void Update()
    AKRESULT akResult = AkSoundEngine.GetSourcePlayPosition(_playingId, out int currentSourcePos, true);

    if (akResult == AKRESULT.AK_Success)
        if (_prevSample <= 0)
            // Do nothing, the song just started, looped, or doesn't support SourcePlayPosition
        else if (_prevSample > currentSourcePos)
            Debug.LogError("It went backwards? " + currentSourcePos + " @ " + Time.time);

        _prevSample = currentSourcePos;


Any ideas on how to fix this?

We are using:
Unity 2020.1.10f on Windows

Wwise 2019.2.6.7381



EDIT: Did some more testing, found out the issue happens when the Application's target refresh rate is above 90 Hz. Very strange. At 100 Hz, Wwise reports source positions that are equal to previous frames, and after 120 Hz, we start seeing the issues mentioned above.

EDIT2: Submitted a bug report as this seems like a serious issue. More and more devices are capable of > 60 Hz, so it's important that this gets fixed.

asked Oct 26, 2020 in General Discussion by Navid K. (100 points)
edited Oct 27, 2020 by Navid K.

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