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Wwise can't open

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Hello, I had to download wwise for one of my class on my macbook Mojave 10.14.6

Wwise Launcher wasn't able to download the latest version of Wwise app. so I downloaded Wwise 2019.1.10.7250

Once I finish downloading the App. I Can't open the program.

Each time I try to download the latest version of Wwise It always stop and write Checksum validation failed for file: GameSimulator.tvOs.tar.xy.


I need the program to keep going on with my studies is there anyway I can fix this up


I can't update my macbook because all my other program (mostly Protools) have issues with the latest version of macbook Operator system
asked Nov 13, 2020 in General Discussion by emilien b. (100 points)

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