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AkEnvironment doesn't update properly when using AkEnvironmentPortal

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Hi there,

I'm currently working on the sound design for a platformer and have been messing around with reverb zones (AkEnvironment on box colliders) and placing AkEnvironmentPortal between them in a test scene.
As mentioned it's just a test scene for me to mess around in so the actual reverbs are exaggerated beyond belief. I've named the two aux busses verb_01 and verb_02 just to make things easy.

Everything seems to be working just fine when I run from the verb_01 zone and into verb_02. When I try to leave the verb_02 zone through verb_01, verb_02 gets stuck as you can see in the profiler. I've tried making multiple setups and one aux busses always gets stuck.

The AkEnvironmentPortal is placed right between the two rooms and it registers the two environments perfectly.
verb_01 is only supposed to be active on the "Metal_Grate" and verb_02 is only supposed to be active on "Metal_Cabinet".

Does anyone have any good ideas as to why this is happening?



asked Nov 16, 2020 in General Discussion by Nicolas V. (100 points)

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