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2020年12月14日开始联系贵公司,咨询授权事宜,期间在官网-联系方式 发了无数次请求,一直未果,什么情况啊,今天都4号了,你们也都上班了,送钱买授权都不搭理吗?贵公司未免太过高傲了把
asked Jan 4 in Feature Requests by pan l. (100 points)
reshown Jan 29 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic)

1 Answer

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Hi, 亲爱的客户,







然后在Wwise工程的License Manager页面激活项目,




Dear customer,

hello, we have responded to you in a timely and repeated manner,
if you haven't seen the message,
you can check the mailbox to see if our reply was misjudged as spam.

I checked that the status of your project is authorized,
you can move to the official website project page to get the authorization code,
and then activate the project on the Lice Manager page of the Wwise project,
then you can enjoy the power of Wwise!

I wish you a pleasant Wwise Adventure.
answered Jan 4 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic) (3,980 points)
edited Jan 4 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic)