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preserving "sequence continuous" playlist functionality while starting in a random place

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Hi folks,

First time poster here, and would welcome your help! I’m trying to sort an issue with playlists. My goal is to keep the “sequence continuous” property of a looped playlist, but start at the beginning of random song [for example, the 3rd song of a 4-song playlist.] After the random start location, it should continue sequentially [then, the 4th song would play, followed by the 1st song, etc.].

The way I currently have it set up isn't working. Right now, I have the global Group/Segment toggle set to "random continuous." This way, Wwise might jump from the 3rd song to the 1st song, although it does start at the beginning of a random song. If I switch the global Group/Segment toggle to “Sequence continuous,” it always starts on the 1st song, although the playlist progresses as it should

I imagine I’m trying to do something pretty simple—I’m just new at Wwise.

asked Jan 11 in General Discussion by Joseph M. (100 points)

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