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A tiro problem:Unity report an error"Wwise:Event ID not found",I didn't do anything

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【A tiro problem:Unity  report an error"Wwise:Event ID not found",I didn't do anything】

Here are all my steps:
1.Installed Wwise Laucher + Wwise2.8
2.Wwise Laucher-Switch to page"Unity"-integrated wwise project to the unity unity-Wwise Picker-Generate SoundBanks(Already Generate in Wwise before) unity,create a empty Gameobject named "LoadBank",add compoment "AkEvent"
5.AkEvent-"Name",I choose my event"run" "play"
7.Unity reported error.
I am a novice, I tried several times, or failed to use the code call, the error is the same, I think there must be a step missing, please help me, thank you!
If you are willing to guide me further, welcome to add my QQ:591854072,Thanks again!
asked Jan 19 in General Discussion by lin j. (100 points)

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