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AkAmbientSound post event duplicating on maps in UE 4.25

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this before.

I've got an issue with an audio event that has been placed on a map which is duplicating on play (PIE).  

Essentially, an audio event has been dragged and dropped onto a map with auto post ticked to get it to start on play.  
When playing the level (PIE), and profiling I can see the event is being posted twice with 2 different game object IDs.  

There is only one instance of the AkAmbientSound object on the map as far as I can see, so I'm a little stumped.   

This was a test map made fresh with no sub levels.
 Any wisdom would be appreciated.  

Wwise | v2019.2.8.7432 / UE 4.25
asked Feb 18 in General Discussion by Grace D. (140 points)
We're still investigating this, but it looks like a potential engine issue.  Essentially in World.cpp, there is a function to check whether audio playback in enabled.  This should be set to false if you are on the server, but it looks like there's an issue with the execution order.  This means its not setting in time for begin play on objects, hence the duplicating of AkAmbient sounds as they are playing on both client and server.  Its causing the issue in editor, but shouldn't be in a build.

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So this turned out to be an issue with Unrea 4.25 itself where the execution order for checking the server wasn't completed in time.  Hence ambient sounds were playing twice (client and server).  Unreal/Epic have now done a fix for this.
answered Mar 15 by Grace D. (140 points)