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SoundFrame Not Updating

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I seem to regularly run into issues with SoundFrame not updating. Maybe I'm just using it wrong?

Order of process:

1) Load SoundFrame

2) Create Game Object (usually just type "1" and hit enter)

3) Push "Get All" under "Events"

4) Selected "Edit Sends"

5) Select "Get All" under "Auxillary Bus" (though I'm not sure why I do loads them it looks like?)

6) Select my Aux Send 1 preset and turn the level all the way up.

7) Select "Close" in the "Game-Defined Auxillary Sends" Window

8) Try and play something...sometimes nothing happens

Other issues I run into are delays playing our of the rear speakers (is this intended) and switching out an effect in Wwise (like a reverb to a simple delay) and th effect not updating in SoundFrame.

Anyone else running into issue with this tool?
asked Nov 21, 2014 in General Discussion by Mike (330 points)

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