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GetPeak() in_bForceCompute

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The docs are referring to a parameter in_bForceCompute, but that param is not found in the function header???
asked Mar 19 in General Discussion by Marko R. (200 points)

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It would seem this parameter "in_bForceCompute" in the function documentation is simply misleading and was never a thing in production code.
We are taking note and will correct the documentation for: GetPeak() and GetRMS() as they both have the mistake in the header comment.

The Peak returned is the last peak that was computed before this call, there is no mechanism to force a re-evaluation with this call.


answered Apr 28 by Alexandre L. (Audiokinetic) (1,520 points)
selected Apr 28 by Marko R.
Is there another way to force re-eval?