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Wwise Query Editor - "Not" Modified

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Is there a way to find all elements that don't match something in their name?

For example: I have a bunch of containers that start with the word "step". I want to find all containers that don't have word "step" in them.
asked Mar 31 in General Discussion by Stephen F. (200 points)

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the Query Editor does not have a "not" operator: I'm taking note of that request though and adding it to our backlog.

As a possible solution, the recently released Wwise 2021.1 offers WAQL (Wwise Authoring Query Language) that you can use in the search field of the Authoring. For your case, a WAQL query that translates your query would be:

$ where ! name = /^step/

For more information about WAQL, see

answered Apr 1 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (2,400 points)
selected Apr 2 by Stephen F.
I just saw the WAQL article on the Wwise Launcher and that looks like the solution I need. Will update as soon as I can.