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Docking a view [closed]

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Hello, I unintentionally closed views in Designer and despite Help Wwise's advice I cannot dock the View. In Help they say that a message from Wwise appears when we move a View to ask if we want to dock it but this message does not appear to me and all my Views are then floating. How to do it because it is really not practical? Thank you
closed with the note: Indeed when you drag the Views on the blue square it turns green and lines start to form!
asked Apr 1 in General Discussion by Lisa K. (140 points)
closed Apr 2 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)

2 Answers

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Hey Lisa, 

Did you try resetting to factory layouts
That said, you should be able to rearrange the views by click + hold on the view name and reposition it where you see a green area highlighted. 
* If you're on Mac (which uses the Wine loader) and you can't see the view/message, try to close it CRTL + W and reopen it from views. 

Let us know if this helps. 

answered Apr 1 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (12,300 points)
ah no false joy ... I have the green lines on the Layout Profiler or Schematic but no line on Designer I do not understand
That is strange. If it works in one layout, it should definitely work in another. Did you try resetting first and then rearranging?
how do you reset?
Try clicking the "resetting to factory layouts" in the above text. There should be a guide on how to do reset your layouts.
to describe to you what happens since we cannot put a photo here when I move a View there is only a navy blue square in the middle of the screen and nothing else
Alright. Then once you move the window onto that blue square, does it become green? And on release, does it snap to the borders of the window? If that works, try prompting a new view from Menu > Views and see if you can drag that into one of the sides.
If you need to post an image, I'd suggest adding it to google drive or
Thank you very much indeed when you drag the Views on the blue square it turns green and lines start to form! Thank you very much you save my life haha!
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oooh it's good I just understood, I did not understand the principle of green areas but I just tried again and I found them! thank you !
answered Apr 1 by Lisa K. (140 points)