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Unity Music app - Can I automate tempo in Wwise?

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Hi folks :) New to this forum.

I'm a professional composer, mainly working with some software companies as consultant / content provider.

With one company, we're developing a Unity based VR music app.

It needs to be capable of playing loops, have time stretch to conform to a global tempo set in VR and also pitch shift for transposition. Max 32 voices (32 loops in a buttons based launchpad)

The app is gonna be multiplayer and synchronization (local and network audio streams) is paramount.

Is Wwise the tool to deal with everything audio/music related in this case?

Can Wwise receive tempo automation from Unity? If so, will clips "time stretch" effect adjust accordingly to keep all playing clips in sync?

As a workaround I can imagine Unity can send "playback speed" values (I guess via a RTCP) to all of the sounds playing in Wwise.

I already checked and Fmod doesn't accept tempo automation (AFAIK) and there's no time stretch to be seen.


Thanks a lot for your advice :)
asked Jul 19 in General Discussion by Matias M. (100 points)

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