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Generated sound banks cannot find original audio files

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This is not as easy as it might seem (but there is likely a simple solution I am missing).

I moved my project and all its files from one drive to another, keeping all the file paths correct, relative to their locations to the main project. In my project explorer, half the files have turned red and when I try and generate any sound banks, it tells me the original source files are missing.

Right clicking on the file gives me several options. I have tried [Repair Audio Source Integrity Issues], and [Import Audio Files] but neither have done anything. The import audio files looks like it has imported something, but nothing changes. Weirdly, I can go to the [Open Containing Folder] and the file is immediately located. The software knows where it is, but just does not seem to see it. The file will play when located on my hard drive so it is not corrupted. Also, the files that Wwise does see, are in the exact same folder. I cannot get my head around what is happening.

I am an audio specialist but new to Wwise. If I moved a project in Reaper and it could not find the missing files, I would easily be able to relink them.

I would be grateful for any help.

Cheers, Rob
asked Sep 6 in General Discussion by Robert C. (140 points)
edited Sep 6 by Robert C.

2 Answers

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Hi Robert,

Please add some description or images to your problem. E.g. what's your Wwise version, what's the error message you get, etc.
answered Sep 6 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (18,800 points)
reshown Sep 6 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
Wwise version 2021.1.2.7629
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I will leave this up in case anyone else has the issue.

Solution: I had to re-import the original files from their new locations (bit odd as I would have thought Wwise just referenced them from their locations via a file path, but anyway). My problem was, when imported, Wwise did not automatically substitute the files, but loaded both options in the software. The old one still remained but had no content and the new file. Once imported, this can been seen in the [Contents Editor] when in [Designer View]. In the same [Contents Editor], next to both these files, is a 'Use' selector. Select the new file (the old can be deleted).

What this did not resolve, was secondary copies of the same file I had use to create random boxes with variations of the same sample. These remained red. I had to delete and re-create.

This does seem a long way to get a solution. If anyone does come across this post and knows a simpler way, please, do share.


Many thanks,


answered Sep 6 by Robert C. (140 points)