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How to capture audio buffer in Linux platorm?

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We want to capture audio in real time, so we have to use the effect plugin. We have meet three difficulties: First, do we need to develop our own effect plugin to capture audio buffer, or do we have a developed effect plugin available? Second, We try to develop the effect plug-in on the Windows platform to capture audio buffer according to the guide (, but we can not register the plugin can you give me some suggestions,Third, we tried to develop the plug-in on the Linux platform, but the plug-in failed. Then we find that RegisterWwisePlugin(AudioPlugin.h) interface is only work in windows platform, so we want to know if the effect plugin can work in Linux platform. If the Linux platform is supported, we kindly ask you to provide us with an demo, thank you very much。
asked Sep 10 in General Discussion by cyz c. (100 points)
By following the step in, you should be able to create an empty plug-in that will work with Wwise on any platform.

As said in, the Wwise Recorder plug-in already does this, so you don't technically need a custom plug-in.

Note that if you want to capture the system output, this is not something Wwise is designed for.

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