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1、wwise launcher 安装wwise 2019.2.14.7616版本:

2、然后将其集成到某个unity工程A,选择了sdk路径、wwise project path、unity 版本;

3、集成成功后,wwise launcher 的 “UNITY” 标签下,unity工程A有标签显示“Wwise Integration 2021.1.5.2277”,unity工程A的 Assets/Wwise/Version.txt文件中,显示:

Wwise Unity Integration Version Info:

Based on Wwise SDK: 2021.1.5 Build 7749

Unity Integration Bundle: 2021.1.5.2277

Unity Integration Version: 19

asked Jan 11 in General Discussion by calvin l. (100 points)

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