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"Install files directly into the Unity project directory" is still making a temporary copy of the entire project

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I'm using Wwise Launcher v2021.2.1.1450. I have installed Wwise v2021.1.5.7749.

If I try to add that version of Wwise in a Unity project which doesn't have Wwise Integration, or if I try to upgrade Wwise in a Unity project which already has Wwise Integration, then the setting "Install files directly into the Unity project directory" isn't working as it should.
Even if I enable that setting (instead of using "Install files into a copy of the Unity project directory..."), it's still creating a temporary copy of the entire project.

I have a big Unity project, "Space required during install" is showing 65.12 GB regardless of the selected "Install files" setting.
That "Space required" should be much lower after selecting "Install files directly into the Unity project directory", and it shouldn't have to create a project copy with this setting active.

This issue is blocking me from upgrading Wwise on my Unity project, as I don't have 65 GB of free disk space right now, and I shouldn't need to free that space just to upgrade Wwise Integration on my project.
I already use a version control system on my project, so I had always used "Install files directly" successfully in past upgrades.

asked Jan 12 in General Discussion by Andrei M. (140 points)
Thanks for your report, space requirements should indeed be different for this mode of operation.

I suggest to fill a Bug Report through the Launcher so that it can be investigated by our team.
Thanks for the info! I've already submitted a bug report from the Launcher.
Report number: 16415-56647-86510-67029

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