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Posting event fails in Unreal packaged builds during BeginPlay()

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When trying to post events in Unreal packaged builds during BeginPlay() the posting fails and generates errors in the log like:

LogAkAudio: Error: Event ID not found: 653558463
LogAkAudio: Error: Failed posting event: SFX_MyEvent

We're trying to post the event using:
UAkComponent::PostAkEventByName(const FString& EventName)

This only fails in package builds during BeginPlay(). The event posts successfully when the game is run in editor or if it's run in packaged builds on frames following BeginPlay().

We're using event-based packaging in Unreal 4.26.2 with WWise 2021.1.4.

Any idea what might be going wrong?

asked Jan 13 in General Discussion by Ian D. (110 points)

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