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Is platform unlink/link through Waapi possible?

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I am creating a custom command in Wwise which is supposed to set the value of a property on Switch only.

I am using waapi call ak.wwise.core.object.setProperty.

This call allows you to specify a "platform" argument to set the value of unlink properties.
However, when used with linked properties, although the platform argument is specified, the value is set to all the platform.
Is there a way to unlink a property through waapi so that then I can use the call to set the value for a specific platform only?  
It would be nice if the call would actually unlink the property if the platform is specified...

asked Feb 4, 2022 in Feature Requests by Cosimo R. (140 points)
recategorized Feb 4, 2022 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)

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It is currently not possible to change the Linked/Unlinked state of a property at the moment.
The platform argument allows to assign a value that has the given platform already unlinked, otherwise it will modify the linked value.

We have a ticket tracking a feature request regarding link/unlink through WAAPI, I will add your suggestion to also support it through setProperty to it.
answered Feb 4, 2022 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (21,840 points)
selected Feb 8, 2022 by Cosimo R.
Any update on this?