Wwise Audio Lab (WAL) is an open-source game-like 3D environment developed with Unreal Engine 4 running on Mac, Windows, Oculus, and HTC Vive. It showcases various spatial audio methods and technologies, such as geometry-informed dynamic early reflections, sound portals, oriented reverb, and more. Information nodes distributed in the maps help identify sound propagation phenomena, and in-game options allow for instant A-B comparison between various spatial audio approaches. Although the WAL is designed for experimenting with spatial audio features, the project is fully customizable for users interested in finding the perfect combination of tools and methods for their future projects.

The Wwise Audio Lab can be installed from the Wwise Launcher. Please ensure that you have updated your Wwise Launcher prior to following the installation steps.

Download Wwise Launcher Open Wwise launcher

Wwise Audio Lab Installation Steps