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include/AK/Wwise/SourceControl/SourceControlContainers.h File Reference

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struct   AK::Wwise::SourceControlContainers::__AkPos
  Container position. More...
class   AK::Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkList< Type, Arg_Type >
class   AK::Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkMap< Key, Arg_Key, Value, Arg_Value >


namespace   AK

Audiokinetic namespace.

namespace   AK::Wwise
namespace   AK::Wwise::SourceControlContainers


typedef __AkPos *  AK::Wwise::SourceControlContainers::AkPos
  Pointer to a container position.

Detailed Description

Wwise source control containers interface that is used to pass data containers (list and map) in parameters.

Definition in file SourceControlContainers.h.