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AK::SoundEngine::Query Namespace Reference


struct   GameObjDst


typedef AkArray
< AkGameObjectID,
ArrayPoolDefault, 32 > 
typedef AkArray< GameObjDst,
const GameObjDst
&, ArrayPoolDefault, 32 > 


AKRESULT __cdecl  QueryAudioObjectIDs (AkUniqueID in_eventID, AkUInt32 &io_ruNumItems, AkObjectInfo *out_aObjectInfos)
AKRESULT __cdecl  QueryAudioObjectIDs (const char *in_pszEventName, AkUInt32 &io_ruNumItems, AkObjectInfo *out_aObjectInfos)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetPositioningInfo (AkUniqueID in_ObjectID, AkPositioningInfo &out_rPositioningInfo)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetActiveGameObjects (AkGameObjectsList &io_GameObjectList)
bool __cdecl  GetIsGameObjectActive (AkGameObjectID in_GameObjId)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetMaxRadius (AkRadiusList &io_RadiusList)
AkReal32 __cdecl  GetMaxRadius (AkGameObjectID in_GameObjId)
AkUniqueID __cdecl  GetEventIDFromPlayingID (AkPlayingID in_playingID)
AkGameObjectID __cdecl  GetGameObjectFromPlayingID (AkPlayingID in_playingID)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetPlayingIDsFromGameObject (AkGameObjectID in_GameObjId, AkUInt32 &io_ruNumIDs, AkPlayingID *out_aPlayingIDs)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetCustomPropertyValue (AkUniqueID in_ObjectID, AkUInt32 in_uPropID, AkInt32 &out_iValue)
  Get the value of a custom property of integer or boolean type.
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetCustomPropertyValue (AkUniqueID in_ObjectID, AkUInt32 in_uPropID, AkReal32 &out_fValue)
  Get the value of a custom property of real type.
Game Objects

AKRESULT __cdecl  GetPosition (AkGameObjectID in_GameObjectID, AkSoundPosition &out_rPosition)

AKRESULT __cdecl  GetActiveListeners (AkGameObjectID in_GameObjectID, AkUInt32 &out_ruListenerMask)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetListenerPosition (AkUInt32 in_uIndex, AkListenerPosition &out_rPosition)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetListenerSpatialization (AkUInt32 in_uIndex, bool &out_rbSpatialized, AK::SpeakerVolumes::VectorPtr &out_pVolumeOffsets, AkChannelConfig &out_channelConfig)

AKRESULT __cdecl  GetGameObjectAuxSendValues (AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID, AkAuxSendValue *out_paAuxSendValues, AkUInt32 &io_ruNumSendValues)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetGameObjectDryLevelValue (AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID, AkReal32 &out_rfControlValue)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion (AkGameObjectID in_ObjectID, AkUInt32 in_uListener, AkReal32 &out_rfObstructionLevel, AkReal32 &out_rfOcclusionLevel)

Game Syncs

enum   RTPCValue_type { RTPCValue_Default, RTPCValue_Global, RTPCValue_GameObject, RTPCValue_Unavailable }
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetRTPCValue (AkRtpcID in_rtpcID, AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID, AkRtpcValue &out_rValue, RTPCValue_type &io_rValueType)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetRTPCValue (const char *in_pszRtpcName, AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID, AkRtpcValue &out_rValue, RTPCValue_type &io_rValueType)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetSwitch (AkSwitchGroupID in_switchGroup, AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID, AkSwitchStateID &out_rSwitchState)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetSwitch (const char *in_pstrSwitchGroupName, AkGameObjectID in_GameObj, AkSwitchStateID &out_rSwitchState)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetState (AkStateGroupID in_stateGroup, AkStateID &out_rState)
AKRESULT __cdecl  GetState (const char *in_pstrStateGroupName, AkStateID &out_rState)

Detailed Description

Query namespace

The functions in this namespace are thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
Unless noted otherwise in the function definition that it will not acquire the main audio lock, the functions in this namespace might stall for several milliseconds before returning (as they cannot execute while the main sound engine thread is busy). They should therefore not be called from any game critical thread, such as the main game loop.
There might be a significant delay between a Sound Engine call (such as PostEvent) and the information being reflected in a Query (such as GetIsGameObjectActive).