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AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::RegisterPlugin ( AkPluginType  in_eType,
AkUInt32  in_ulCompanyID,
AkUInt32  in_ulPluginID,
AkCreatePluginCallback  in_pCreateFunc,
AkCreateParamCallback  in_pCreateParamFunc  

Register a plug-in with the sound engine and set the callback functions to create the plug-in and its parameter node.

See also:
AK_Success if successful, AK_InvalidParameter if invalid parameters were provided or Ak_Fail otherwise. Possible reasons for an AK_Fail result are:
  • Insufficient memory to register the plug-in
  • Plug-in ID already registered
Codecs and plug-ins must be registered before loading banks that use them.
Loading a bank referencing an unregistered plug-in or codec will result in a load bank success, but the plug-ins will not be used. More specifically, playing a sound that uses an unregistered effect plug-in will result in audio playback without applying the said effect. If an unregistered source plug-in is used by an event's audio objects, posting the event will fail.
in_eType  Plug-in type (for example, source or effect)
in_ulCompanyID  Company identifier (as declared in the plug-in description XML file)
in_ulPluginID  Plug-in identifier (as declared in the plug-in description XML file)
in_pCreateFunc  Pointer to the plug-in's creation function
in_pCreateParamFunc  Pointer to the plug-in's parameter node creation function

Referenced by RegisterAllEffectPlugins(), RegisterAllRumblePlugins(), RegisterAllSourcePlugins(), RegisterAuroPlugins(), RegisterConvolutionReverbPlugin(), RegisterCrankcaseAudioPlugins(), RegisterIOSONOPlugins(), RegisteriZotopePlugins(), RegisterMcDSPPlugins(), and RegisterSoundSeedPlugins().