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AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::SetListenerPipeline ( AkUInt32  in_uIndex,
bool  in_bAudio,
bool  in_bMotion  

Set a listener's ability to listen to audio and motion events. By default, all listeners are enabled for audio and disabled for motion.

Note: If your game doesn't use Motion, you should NOT need to use this function. This function isn't a global "activate" switch on the listeners. Use SetActiveListeners properly to control which listeners are used in your game.
Always returns AK_Success
See also:
in_uIndex  Listener index (0: first listener, 7: 8th listener)
in_bAudio  True=Listens to audio events (by default it is true)
in_bMotion  True=Listens to motion events (by default it is false)