Build for Android

For general instructions on how to build the Integration that also apply to Android, see Build the Integration code.

To build the Android Windows Integration, you need to run BuildAndroidPluginWin.cmd and pass Architecture and Configuration arguments. For example:

BuildAndroidPluginWin.cmd armeabi-v7a Profile

See Build the application for a multi-architecture platform for handling multi-architecture builds.

Build on a Mac

As of v2013.2, Wwise does not distribute a Mac installer for Android. To build the Integration for Android on a Mac, you need to copy the required files of the Wwise Android SDK from a PC distribution.

To build the Android Mac Integration, you need to run in terminal and pass Architecture and Configuration arguments. For example armeabi-v7a Profile

Deploy SoundBanks

As of v2013.1, SoundBanks for Android included in the APK can be directly accessed via the LoadBank() APIs. SoundBanks placed under the StreamingAssets folder are included in the Assets folder of the APK when building the Unity project. The Low-Level IO handles accessing SoundBanks from the APK transparently.
The Low-Level IO can also access SoundBank files in the Android file system, for example, from an SDCard. This is not the default behavior. If you want to access the native file system you need to call AkSoundEngine.AddBasePath(YourPath). This new path will take precedence over the default APK files. If a file has the same name in the external path and in the APK, the external path is used. This is useful to implement DLC or patches to audio content after the APK is built.

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