Ambient Summary

In this chapter we have established some fundamental processes for building dynamic and varied soundscapes. Many of the techniques covered in this chapter will continue to inform the rest of this document and serve as the building blocks of interactive audio.

Throughout this chapter we have:

  • Created various types of sound objects

  • Used sound objects as building blocks for an ambient soundscape system

  • Established looping backgrounds

  • Created a system to randomly playback individual ambient elements

Stepped through the process of:

  • Importing simple sounds to containers

  • Using blend containers to sum and playback multiple sound objects simultaneously

  • Creating a game parameter that can be used to modify properties

  • Using the Time_of_Day parameter to Crossfade between containers

Also touched on:

  • Using attenuation ShareSets to manage distance based falloff

  • The use of SoundSeed Air - Wind to author realistic sounding dynamic wind

  • Leveraging paths using the Position Editor to randomly position individual ambient elements in 3D space.

And created the following objects:

  • Looping background random containers.

  • Ambient_day_night blend container that Crossfades between content using blend tracks based on a time of day game parameter.

  • SoundSeed Wind models to be used as positional sound emitters.

  • Generalized attenuation ShareSets for ambient emitters.