Combat Summary

In the Combat chapter we've been working on establishing swings and impact based on weapon type. Along the way we looked into the functionality of SoundSeed Whoosh to replace the traditional audio file variation model with a powerful synthesis toolset. We also continued investigating the use of attenuations in conjunction with listener positioning and how they can work together to positively affect gameplay and help define propagation models.

Throughout this chapter we have:

  • Discussed the aesthetic choices involved in designing the sound of different weapon types and implementations.

  • Discussed the use of generative weapon swings using SoundSeed Whoosh to replace content based variations.

  • Exposed different implementation techniques for impact sounds.

Stepped through the process of:

  • Creating swing sounds for different weapon types using SoundSeed Whoosh.

  • Creating a switching system for weapon swings based on weapon type.

  • Creating a switching system for weapon impacts based on weapon and surface type.

We've also touched on:

  • Scaling complexities of material based impact detection.

  • Using different attenuations for the player vs. NPC.

  • Considerations when choosing the position for the listener.

Throughout this section we have created the following objects:

  • Swing Sound SFX objects for sword, axe, and dagger authored with SoundSeed Whoosh.

  • A weapon swing switch system based on weapon type.

  • A weapon impact switch system used to determine impacts based on weapon and surface type.