Damian Kastbauer

Damian Kastbauer is a Technical Sound Designer working to help bridge the gap between noise makers and game developers. Utilizing the functionality of game audio specific implementation authoring applications, his goal is to create dynamic sound interactions that leverage interactive techniques to make good sound content sound great.

He lives in Seattle, Washington with his sharp-witted and beautiful wife, two glorious daughters, a big hairy dog, and (the ghost of) a freaky cat. When not dreaming and talking about ways to bring the beauty of interactive audio to the people, he can be found: spending time with his family, building things with his hands, and making weird noises for fun with effect-pedals.

He can be reached at: damian@lostchocolatelab.com.

Q: Is it: "Lost Chocolate LAB" or "Lost CHOCOLATE Lab"?
A: It depends on how you look at it. I've never lost a Labrador and I don't remember ever having a Laboratory...

Q: What is the future of game audio?
A: Everyone working together to increase the use of interactive audio to create unique and engaging experiences.