Footsteps and Movement - Establishing Needs

To establish audio content needs, it's important to understand a few things about how to best support gameplay when it comes to movement sounds. You can easily create a simplified step system, but a varied system produces a better experience. The importance of varied footstep sounds in a game can be a delicate balance of finding the right places to put resources without ending up with a system that uses up all of the available memory.

Think about the following questions to help you determine how extensive the footstep system should be:

  • How many step types will characters have? (Walk, run, scuff, turn...)

  • How many surface types need to be represented with sound? (Dirt, stone, sand...)

  • How will footstep sounds be triggered? (Animation, programatically...)

  • How often will you hear footsteps for an extended period of time? (2-5 minutes, 10-20 minutes...)