Posted Events

While Event actions directly affect the playback and manipulations of sounds within the project, the ability to post an Event from another Event allows for the further extension and flexibility of an Event. Posting an Event from within another Event opens up a world of uses that includes things like sequential playback and templating of functionality that can be reused across multiple Events.

Post Event action added to New_Event

One example of the flexibility of nested events is the potential to simply delay an existing event that contains a complex set of established event actions.

Setting a delay offset on a Post Event action

Other considerations are the pause and resume Events created in the previous section. If there were other moments in the game when sound and music needed to be manipulated in the same way, these two Events could be triggered from within other Events. Creating a template of functionality allows for the leveraging of reusable implementation intelligence throughout a project without the need to duplicate efforts. It can, therefore, cut down on the number of Event actions used in a single Event.