The sounds of combat serve as punctuation marks along the journey, as the hero battles across the ambient soundscape we've created thus far. With each new encounter, each enemy variation, each weapon upgrade, sound has the ability to reward the player with dynamic audio that equals the unfolding drama on-screen.

This chapter will take you through the process of:

  • Defining sound sets for different weapon types

  • Generating weapon swings using SoundSeed Whoosh

  • Understanding different implementation techniques for impacts

  • Attenuations for player vs. NPC.

Starting with a list of available weapon types is one way to approach the sometimes sizable task of combat sound. Once the list has been defined, it's important to understand the different ways that weapons will be triggered, and how to organize them within the project.

Some questions to ask about combat:

  • How will combat sound be triggered by the game engine?

  • Do most of the combat actions rely on the animation system?

  • Is hit detection for impacts handled separately from animations?

When locked in mortal combat with a foe of ill repute, one of the roles that sound plays is in communicating success or failure for each attempted strike. Once you have determined how combat sounds will be played back, you can make sure the actions are represented with the appropriate sound.