Setup Summary

While the myriad of setup options and considerations can seem overwhelming at a glance, the ability to prepare and modify the project to meet the needs of a particular development methodology ensures that the functionality is available. Understanding the fundamental concepts that run throughout the project can help prepare a road worn veteran for the task at hand. Armed with the tools to forge your own way on the path, a limitless vista of potential awaits.

Throughout this chapter we have discussed:

  • Work Unit Management

  • Establishing a Naming Convention Early

  • Batch Renaming Objects Within Hierarchies

  • Logical Grouping of Work Units

  • Creating Work Units with Sharing in Mind

  • Grouping Objects in the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy

  • Creating Simulations with the Soundcaster

  • Project Settings

  • Workgroup Plug-in Configuration

  • Audio File Locations

  • Default Conversion Settings

  • Defining the Sample Rate Automatic Detection Settings

  • Obstruction/ Occlusion

  • Setting Obstruction and Occlusion

  • Motion

  • Customizing Layouts

  • Layout Docking

  • View Docking

  • External Sources

  • SoundBanks and Bank Generation

  • A New Approach for SoundBank Management

  • Conversion Settings

  • The SoundBank Definition File

  • Using the Integrity Report

  • Using the File Packager

  • Downloadable Content (DLC)