Understanding Impact

With the beginnings of a weapon swinging in place, we'll move on to the finer details involved with impact sounds and the bashing of bad guy skulls. Object impacts are often handled with either a composite sound (meant to convey the emotional intent of the impact) or by creating a multi-layered system (aimed at recreating the sound of reality). The first decision about which direction to take lies in the type of game, and what will best support the style and expectation of the player.

In a system that relies on a minimum of variation, it may be enough to simply play a group of randomized audio files for an impact - for any weapon, on any surface. Taken a step further, the weapon type could be used to determine the impact sound and play, regardless of surface type. Still further, each weapon type could have a different impact sound on each surface type in the game, making a sword impact on stone sound different than dirt or an axe impact on wood.

Regardless of whether you choose to represent object interactions abstractly or by embracing a model that skews closer to reality, the Wwise authoring application can accommodate your decision.