User Interface Summary

Implementing the sound in your user interface can be as simple or complex as necessary in order to support the feel and aesthetic. Simply put, the sound should serve as an extension of the experience; whether navigating through or transitioning between gameplay and the menu system, everything should support the artistic scope. Wwise puts the decisions into the hands of the sound designer by allowing for the finer details of interaction to be managed through the event system.

Throughout this chapter we have:

  • Reviewed importing sound files.

  • Discussed the role of User Interface sounds to support game aesthetic.

  • Outlined some of the complexities inherent with pausing and resuming.

Stepped through the process of:

  • Creating a simple Event for menu selection.

  • Defining 2D sounds using the Position Editor.

  • Creating pause and resume Events.

Also touched on:

  • Different types of Event actions.

  • Triggering Post Event actions.

Throughout this section we have created the following objects:

  • A simple menu select Sound SFX and event.

  • Pause and resume events.