Using the Integrity Report

The Integrity Report serves as a map to the underworld, that is, if the underworld were populated by errors and inconsistencies instead of treasures and foes. The Wwise Integrity Report is where a report can be generated that contains information about the project, including errors and how to resolve them.

A view of the Integrity Report listing information, possible errors, and information on resolution

The Integrity Report lists errors such as:

  • Missing media files

  • Missing audio or motion sources

  • Plug-in problems

  • Missing events in SoundBanks

By double-clicking an error in the Error list, you can open a corresponding Wwise dialog box where you can resolve the error, or receive further information about how to handle it.

You can also filter the Integrity Report to display only the types of information that you specify, such as details about the following:

  • Platforms

  • Languages

  • Audio files and sources

  • Hierarchies

  • References

  • Optimizations

Often the integrity report can highlight areas of a project that need additional consideration or a deeper understanding.