Voice Summary

As games continue to grow into their role as a storytelling medium, there are few devices available greater than the human voice in its ability to convey emotion and establish character. Whether you're dealing with non-verbal communications or building complex trees of conversational outcomes, there exists a suite of tools designed for the express purpose of integrating dialogue within the flow of gameplay in Wwise.

Throughout this chapter we have:

  • Discussed getting started with voice.

  • Differentiated between verbal and non-verbal vocalizations.

  • Established a methodology for localizing dialogue.

  • Discussed the role of dialogue positioning in different scenarios.

Stepped through the process of:

  • Importing sound voice objects for English language dialogue files.

  • Importing localized language dialogue files using the Audio File Importer.

  • Adjusting the percentage of center channel contribution for 2D positioned sounds.

We've also touched on:

  • Using arguments to creating branching dialogue.

Throughout this section we have created the following objects:

  • Spoken dialogue sound voices in the English language and localized in French.