Regardless of the game, genre, or platform you're working with, one concern that persists across all developments is the need to fit within the allotted memory and processing budget. Whether working within the tight constraints of mobile platforms, maintaining optimal CPU usage, or making sure the most important sounds get the memory needed for variation, the process of optimization is one that develops organically throughout development. It can be difficult to stay on target while the game is constantly changing, but there are some valuable resources available that can help keep things under control.

This chapter will take you through the process of:

  • Including/excluding platforms

  • Linking/unlinking properties

  • Rendering effects

  • Understanding the different types of profiling in Wwise

  • Connecting to the game

  • Capturing data using the Profiler

  • Profiling the sound in-game sample rate automatic conversion

  • Setting playback limits and priorities

  • Understanding virtual voice behavior

  • Integrating SoundFrame with the game engine