Wwise 版本

Wwise Versioning

The versioning system used by Wwise is of the form "YEAR.MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD". Depending on the types of changes in Wwise from one version to another, your projects may not need to be migrated when upgrading to a new version. This is indicatd by two parts of the version: the YEAR.MAJOR and the MINOR version.

[Note] Note

  • (YEAR.MAJOR) Major Release: A difference in the major version indicates that there may be major breaking changes such as removal and changes to APIs, as well as the introduction of major new features and rewrites. Backward compatibility, therefore, cannot be assumed. The fact that the year is present is only for indicative purposes and making reading versions easier than an incremental value. Indexing for the MAJOR part starts at 1,as in 2018.1, 2018.2, 2019.1, and so on. When opening a project saved in a previous major version of Wwise, it will be automatically updated to the newer version. After that, it will no longer be possible to open that project with a previous major version.

  • (MINOR) Minor Release: A difference in the minor version indicates that the versions are interchangeable. It is guaranteed that the API remains fully backward compatible. Changes in minor versions include bugfixes and minor API additions. Indexing for the MINOR part starts at 0, as in 2018.1.0, 2018.1.1, 2018.1.2, and so on. No migration is necessary when opening a project saved in the same major version.

We recommend that you always update to the latest minor version. This is always the most stable version since it will contain all existing bugfixes for the corresponding major version. It will also not break your usage of the Wwise SDK and Wwise authoring application (including the Wwise Authoring API). Support for newer platform SDKs are also provided in minor versions, so it will likely be needed for shipping a product for these platforms. The various formats used by Wwise will also remain the same across minor versions. You can expect all of the following to remain compatible:

  • Soundbanks (no need to regenerate or redeploy)

  • Work Unit files

  • Wwise SDK API

  • Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI)

  • Plug-ins

Because products sharing the same major versions are interchangeable, it is possible to profile a game built against a different minor version of the SDK with the Wwise authoring application. Similarly, banks generated with a different minor version, be it more recent or older, will be compatible within the same major version.