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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK::IAkPlugin类 参考abstract
类 AK::IAkPlugin 继承关系图:
AK::IAkEffectPlugin AK::IAkMixerEffectPlugin AK::IAkSinkPlugin AK::IAkSourcePlugin AK::IAkInPlaceEffectPlugin AK::IAkOutOfPlaceEffectPlugin

Public 成员函数

virtual AKRESULT  Term (IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator)=0
virtual AKRESULT  Reset ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  GetPluginInfo (AkPluginInfo &out_rPluginInfo)=0
virtual bool  SupportMediaRelocation () const
virtual AKRESULT  RelocateMedia (AkUInt8 *, AkUInt8 *)

Protected 成员函数

virtual  ~IAkPlugin ()
  Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. 更多...


Wwise sound engine plug-in interface. Shared functionality across different plug-in types.

Note: The implementer of this interface should also expose a static creation function that will return a new plug-in instance when required (see 如何创建 Wwise 声音引擎插件).

在文件 IAkPlugin.h610 行定义.