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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK::IAkSourcePluginContext类 参考abstract
类 AK::IAkSourcePluginContext 继承关系图:

Public 成员函数

virtual AkUInt16  GetNumLoops () const =0
virtual IAkVoicePluginInfo GetVoiceInfo ()=0
virtual AkMIDIEvent  GetMidiEvent () const =0
virtual AkUniqueID  GetNodeID () const =0
virtual void *  GetCookie () const =0
- Public 成员函数 继承自 AK::IAkPluginContextBase
virtual IAkGlobalPluginContext GlobalContext () const =0
virtual IAkGameObjectPluginInfo GetGameObjectInfo ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  GetOutputID (AkUInt32 &out_uOutputID, AkPluginID &out_uDevicePlugin) const =0
virtual void  GetPluginMedia (AkUInt32 in_dataIndex, AkUInt8 *&out_rpData, AkUInt32 &out_rDataSize)=0
virtual void  GetPluginCustomGameData (void *&out_rpData, AkUInt32 &out_rDataSize)=0
virtual AKRESULT  PostMonitorData (void *in_pData, AkUInt32 in_uDataSize)=0
virtual bool  CanPostMonitorData ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  PostMonitorMessage (const char *in_pszError, AK::Monitor::ErrorLevel in_eErrorLevel)=0
virtual AkReal32  GetDownstreamGain ()=0
virtual AKRESULT  GetParentChannelConfig (AkChannelConfig &out_channelConfig) const =0

Protected 成员函数

virtual  ~IAkSourcePluginContext ()
  Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. 更多...
- Protected 成员函数 继承自 AK::IAkPluginContextBase
virtual  ~IAkPluginContextBase ()
  Virtual destructor on interface to avoid warnings. 更多...


Interface to retrieve contextual information for a source plug-in.


在文件 IAkPlugin.h353 行定义.