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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK::IWriteBuffer类 参考abstract
类 AK::IWriteBuffer 继承关系图:
AK::IWriteBytes AK::WriteBytesMem

Public 成员函数

virtual AkInt32  Count () const =0
virtual AkUInt8 Bytes () const =0
virtual void  SetCount (AkInt32 in_cBytes)=0
  Set number of bytes written. 更多...
virtual bool  Reserve (AkInt32 in_cBytes)=0
virtual void  Clear ()=0
  Clear the buffer contents. 更多...
virtual AkUInt8 Detach ()=0
  Return pointer to buffer and clear internal pointer. 更多...
- Public 成员函数 继承自 AK::IWriteBytes
virtual bool  WriteBytes (const void *in_pData, AkInt32 in_cBytes, AkInt32 &out_cWritten)=0
template<class T >
bool  Write (const T &in_data)
bool  WriteString (const wchar_t *in_pszString)
bool  WriteString (const char *in_pszString)


Generic memory buffer interface.

The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.

在文件 IBytes.h228 行定义.