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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK.Wwise::IPluginObjectStore类 参考abstract

Public 成员函数

virtual void  InsertObject (LPCWSTR in_pszListName, unsigned int in_uiIndex, IPluginPropertySet *in_pPropertySet)=0
virtual bool  RemoveObject (IPluginPropertySet *in_pPropertySet)=0
virtual IPluginPropertySet GetObject (LPCWSTR in_pszListName, unsigned int in_uiIndex) const =0
virtual unsigned int  GetObjectCount (LPCWSTR in_pszListName) const =0
virtual IPluginPropertySet CreateObject (LPCWSTR in_pszType)=0
virtual void  DeleteObject (IPluginPropertySet *in_pPropertySet)=0
virtual unsigned int  GetListCount () const =0
virtual unsigned int  GetListName (unsigned int in_uiListIndex, LPWSTR out_pszListName, unsigned int in_uiBufferSize) const =0


Plug-in object store interface. An instance of this class is created and assigned to each plug-in, which in turn can use it to manage its inner objects. Inner objects can be created from the inner types defined in the plug-in's XML definition file.

The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.

在文件 AudioPlugin.h186 行定义.