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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK.Wwise::IProgress类 参考abstract
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Public 成员函数

virtual void  SetCurrentOperationName (LPCWSTR in_szOperationName)=0
virtual void  SetRange (DWORD in_dwMinValue, DWORD in_dwMaxValue)=0
  Should be called at the beginning of the operation to set the min and max value 更多...
virtual void  NotifyProgress (DWORD in_dwProgress)=0
  Notify of the advancement of the task. 更多...
virtual bool  IsCancelled ()=0
  Check if the user has cancelled the task 更多...
virtual void  ErrorMessage (const CString &in_rErrorText, Severity in_eSeverity=Severity_Warning)=0


在文件 Utilities.h149 行定义.