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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ EraseSwap()

template<class T, class ARG_T, class TAlloc = ArrayPoolDefault, unsigned long TGrowBy = 1, class TMovePolicy = AkAssignmentMovePolicy<T>>
Iterator AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy >::EraseSwap ( Iterator in_rIter )

Erase the specified iterator in the array. but it dos not guarantee the ordering in the array. This version should be used only when the order in the array is not an issue.

在文件 AkArray.h331 行定义.

被这些函数引用 AkArray< T_ITEM, const T_ITEM &, U_POOL, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy >::RemoveSwap().