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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AkFXDurationHandler类 参考

Public 成员函数

void  Setup (AkReal32 in_fDuration, AkInt16 in_iLoopingCount, AkUInt32 in_uSampleRate)
  Setup duration handler 更多...
void  Reset ()
  Reset looping and frame counters and start again. 更多...
void  SetLooping (AkInt16 in_iNumLoops)
  Change number of loop iterations (0 == infinite). 更多...
void  SetDuration (AkReal32 in_fDuration)
  Set current duration per iteration (in secs). 更多...
AkReal32  GetDuration () const
  Return current total duration (considering looping) in secs. 更多...
void  ProduceBuffer (AkAudioBuffer *io_pBuffer)
AKRESULT  ProduceBuffer (AkUInt16 in_uMaxFrames, AkUInt16 &out_uValidFrames)

Protected 属性

AkUInt32  m_uIterationFrame
AkUInt32  m_uFrameCount
AkUInt32  m_uSampleRate
AkInt16  m_iNumLoops


Duration handler service for source plug-in. Duration may change between different execution

在文件 AkFXDurationHandler.h35 行定义.