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AkAsyncIOTransferInfo结构体 参考
类 AkAsyncIOTransferInfo 继承关系图:

Public 属性

void *  pBuffer
  Buffer for data transfer. 更多...
AkIOCallback  pCallback
  Callback function used to notify the high-level device when the transfer is complete. 更多...
void *  pCookie
  Reserved. The I/O device uses this cookie to retrieve the owner of the transfer. 更多...
void *  pUserData
  Custom user data. 更多...
- Public 属性 继承自 AkIOTransferInfo
AkUInt64  uFilePosition
  File offset where transfer should begin. 更多...
AkUInt32  uBufferSize
  Size of the buffer in which the I/O hook can write to. 更多...
AkUInt32  uRequestedSize
  Exact number of requested bytes for this transfer. Always equal to or smaller than uBufferSize. 更多...


Structure for asynchronous transfers handshaking with the Low-Level I/O. Extends AkIOTransferInfo.


在文件 AkStreamMgrModule.h139 行定义.